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A New Year, A New Product (In a Capsule!)

Hello, James Jr. here, hoping that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. With the New Year fast approaching, we at Florida’s Best thought that this would be the ideal time to introduce all of you to our brand new product, Florida’s Best APR in a Capsule. We here at Florida’s Best pride ourselves in manufacturing […]

Dealing with pain? Tip of the Week! #2

Neuropathy (nerve pain) is extremely painful and can be caused by several different health issues, including, but not limited to: Diabetes, Injury, Surgery, and Pre-Existing conditions. Doctor’s prescribe a number of different medications for neuropathy such as GabaPentin and Lyrica. We here at Florida’s Best strive to help our customers live a healthy, medication free life […]

Dealing With Pain. Tip of the week!

Several studies have found links between stress and pain. So finding a stress reducing hobby/activity can be one of the most important factors in dealing with Chronic Pain. Pets for example can be a great way to help deal with some of the stress of daily life. Taking care of a loved pet, can give […]